How To Become A Confident & Effective Homeschooling or Distance Learning Parent In This Time of Pandemic

2020 was so full of surprises. From volcanic ashes, earthquakes, and a deadly virus that has single-handedly stopped all school classes all over the world. While some schools held their graduations via Zoom calls, some schools passed all students without even taking the exams.

Like everyone else, your life was probably on auto-pilot, and putting your kids in the same school this coming school year was a no-brainer. But because of this infectious and dangerous virus spreading around the world, your plans have changed. 

Why? Because you want your kids to be SAFE. And the fact that you’re reading this means you actually want what’s best for your child. And whether you believe it or not, your child always feels better & safer at HOME.

So there lies another problem.  KAYA KO BA ‘TO?

Am I equipped enough to teach my children what I should be teaching them?

Can I commit to teach my child for one whole school year? Or even beyond?

Where do I buy the patience to teach my kids?

How can I help my child with her distance learning?

If you asked all these questions, then keep reading because there’s no other learning event in the country that will help you become a confident & effective parent who teaches his or her kids. And we know you’re here right now because you have one major problem…

Do I Really Have What It Takes to Teach My Child and Support His Learning?

You’ve already checked out all the available homeschooling programs out there, you’ve also looked for traditional schools that offer learning from home, and you’ve probably watched all Youtube vlogs out there that talk about homeschooling or distance learning. Except that no matter how much research you make or how many videos you watch, you feel that there’s still something missing.

After 7 years of doing homeschooling events and conferences, and guiding parents in their homeschooling journey, with only the best resources that we can find, we’ve realized that the #1 problem of most parents who are considering homeschooling—and now, because of COVID-19, many parents will deal with helping teach their kids via distance learning—is… they are not confident that they can be the best teachers for their children!

And it’s not your fault. 

You see, while we were growing up, we were also taught by teachers inside school while our parents were busy working. We were wired to think that traditional schooling is the only best option out there for our children.

But think about this:  Who knows your children better? A teacher who handles 20-40 students at a time (online, these days) or a parent who has taken care of their child for so many years?

The only difference is training and education. So yes… Without the proper training, education, or help, it will take you years to years of trial and error to teach your child efficiently, let alone, parent them at the same time.

Without proper guidance, education, or training, here’s what will probably happen to you:

  • ​You’ll sadly QUESTION your parenting skills because you compare yourself to others and they seem to be doing a lot better than you in that area.
  • You’ll DOUBT yourself always and question yourself whether what you’re doing or how you’re handing things is right or not.
  • You’ll always ENVY those other parents who seem to have things  all “normal” and sailing smoothly while teaching and parenting their children.
  • You’ll forever GIVE UP on yourself becoming the best parent teacher for your children because you think teachers are always better than parents and you believe you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

You have to make this work. And you know that. Because, deep inside, you’re not just doing this for yourself…  You’re doing this for your children.

We feel you! And we’re here to tell you that you are not alone in this journey. Remember this: It’s not your fault at all.

If homeschooling or teaching your child was that easy, then everyone would be doing it by now. Right? Even we have experienced failures and have embarrassing stories to tell from when we were starting our homeschooling journeys. But still, we’re here. And we’re still homeschooling our kids. And we have been active advocates of this educational option.

Now, we want to share with you the things that worked for us and other homeschooling parents because homeschooling changed our lives… And it will change yours as well.

Introducing: Connect Homeschooling & Intentional Parenting Summit (CHIPS)

CHIPS will help parents like you become more knowledgeable and confident about educating your own children, whether you homeschool or not. Once you attend the summit, you can apply everything you’ll learn right in your home.

We won’t promise that after this summit, you’ll be perfect parents and parent-teachers but we can tell you that by attending this summit, you’ll be more PREPARED, EQUIPPED, and CONFIDENT to teach your child and still keep your parent-child relationship.

If you want to make a REAL change in your family life, then this might just be the missing piece you’re looking for!

Learn How to Become Effective & Confident Parent Teachers

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This High-Value, Online Summit

  • FINDING OR REDISCOVERING YOUR WHYs – where you will learn your biggest anchor in your homeschooling journey
  • HOW DADS CAN SUPPORT MOMS WHO HOMESCHOOL (AND VICE VERSA) – where you will learn how one can help the other just by inspiring each other to be the best homeschooling parents to their children.
  • INTENTIONAL PARENTING: BEING ON THE SAME PAGE – where we will know how to handle conflicts between two persons who can be so different from each other.
  • HOW INTENTIONAL PARENTING CAN HELP YOUR KIDS ADJUST TO DISTANCE LEARNING – where you can apply the same solid education that you signed up for from a brick & mortar school albeit online, while having the freedom to introduce family activities that you’ve been wanting to teach your children.
  • HOW WORKING AND HOMESCHOOLING CAN STILL BE POSSIBLE – where a homeschooling mom of 3, plus a child in a progressive school, will give us a peek at how she juggles family and work, as well as give tips and hacks to make it work.

The CONNECT Homeschooling and Intentional Parenting Summit is for

    • Parents who are CONSIDERING HOMESCHOOLING their children or going for DISTANCE LEARNING
    • WILLING TO LEARN parents who want to invest time for their children
    • Parents who DON’T KNOW WHERE & HOW TO START homeschooling their children
    • Parents who want to ensure that they are giving the SAME QUALITY EDUCATION they are paying for in traditional schools. 
    • WORKING PARENTS that are looking to decide whether homeschooling or a learn from home (LFH) i.e. distance learning program is for them.
    • HOMESCHOOLING PARENTS who want much-needed inspiration as you gear up for the school year
    • PARENTS who just want to learn how to manage their children’s education and be better parents, especially during this pandemic

If you’re one of the above, then this summit will help equip you with the knowledge and confidence to homeschool or teach your children! CHIPS is being organized by the homeschooling moms behind Educating For Life, which was founded to support families who have courageously decided to take the road less traveled in education.

Educating For Life has been organizing events for families for years, including the Philippine Homeschool Convention. The organization has helped hundreds of parents become more confident as they take on the role of being their kids’ primary educators. And we hope that this Summit will help YOU in the same way. Because, let’s face it, whether parents choose to homeschool or opt for distance learning during this pandemic, everyone will need all the support and training that they can get.

So if you’re someone who wants to invest in your child’s education and upbringing, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Homeschooling or distance learning, whatever your choice, you will definitely learn how to be a better parent during CHIPS.

Register now while you have the chance! Your family learning fee of P1500 includes 30-day access to all 30+ talks, including talks for kids and teens, plus a chance to win a scholarship from Peniel Integrated Christian Academy, and educational learning sets from Grolier Philippines, plus more goodies! Register before the June 30 deadline via and follow the event page on Facebook for more updates.

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