How to be a Single Lady and Loving it on Valentine’s Day

Written by: Danielle Tan
by Ellice Ang

Let’s be real. Everyone either has a love or hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Those who are in a relationship get excited because they get to show their love to their significant other in different ways. With all the creative and sweet v-day things online, there’s a lot of inspiration to go around.

For the singles, on the other hand, it’s just an annoying and overrated celebration where you scowl at the couples’ promos and roll your eyes at the overpriced flowers. However, even though I’m one of the barkada’s designated third wheel, I personally enjoy Valentine’s Day—because of how I chose to celebrate it.

Here are the top 5 things I do to enjoy Valentine’s Day:

5.  Go on a movie marathon

Binge watch your celeb crushes

Don’t have a jowa yet? That’s okay! Binge-watch movies of your celebrity crush and still get that kilig rush. A movie with Chris Evans or Lee Jung Suk is always a good time for me.

4. Treat yourself to a good meal

Go to your favorite restaurant or go somewhere you’ve been wanting to try.

Recently, I went to a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try for some time now and I actually went by myself. Contrary to my initial thoughts, I actually enjoyed being alone. I got to observe my surroundings and was also able to focus on the food (which was sooo good) rather than talk and talk and eventually forget about how it tasted. I know, it sounds pretty scary and lonely, but trust me, alone time isn’t always so bad. 

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3. Plan a date with your bestie

Having fun on Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be with a boyfriend.

If you and your bestie are both free on V-day, then go do something together. Go out for brunch, go on a shopping spree, get your nails done, go to the salon…the options are endless! Having a good time on Valentine’s Day doesn’t only have to be with a boyfriend. 

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2. Group date with your friends

Spend quality time with your squad.

If your whole barkada is single and free on that day, then go out together. You guys can go on group workout classes, go on a food crawl or even do a Valentine’s Day Kris Kringle so all of you can feel the v-day love as well.

1. Have a spa day