How to Attract Good Fortune: Lucky Chinatown’s 8 Lucky Rituals for Chinese New Year

2. Buy good luck decorations for your home.


Lucky Chinatown 16


Go to the 3rd floor and you will spot their Chinese New Year Prosperity Fair where you can purchase items and other decorations for your home! They also have fruits and delicacies, and tarot and palm reading.


Lucky Chinatown 17

Buy some delicacies for the Chinese New Year!

Lucky Chinatown 18

Or have the 8 lucky fruits! 

Lucky Chinatown 19

There are also costumes for rent!

Lucky Chinatown 20

Lucky Chinatown 22

Know your fortune through tarot reading. 

Lucky Chinatown 23

…Or through your palm.


1. Light the First Incense of the Year at Buddha’s Shrine.


Finally, light up your first incense of the year at the Buddha Shrine of Lucky Chinatown. Incense symbolizes the fragrance of pure moral conduct and reminds everyone to cultivate good conduct in living daily life. Lucky Chinatown will also be giving away Chinese Zodiac plush toys and other prizes with every P2,000 purchase!


Lucky Chinatown 25

You can pick your prize here and..

Lucky Chinatown 21

.. win these, and a whole lot more!

Lucky Chinatown 7

There will be lots of performances to entertain the Lucky Chinatown goers!

Lucky Chinatown 6

Welcome the Year of the Sheep at the Lucky Chinatown! Do these 8 rituals and let good fortune come to you this 2015. Kung Hei Fat Choi!


Lucky Chinatown’s Chinese New Year Celebrations