How to Attract Good Fortune: Lucky Chinatown’s 8 Lucky Rituals for Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Are you ready to celebrate Chinese New Year? Before we finally let the Year of the Sheep enter, why not prep for a prosperous year ahead? Take a walk through Lucky Chinatown in Binondo and add a little swerte into your already awesome life! Here are the 8 Lucky Rituals at Lucky Chinatown!


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How to Attract Good Fortune: Lucky Chinatown’s 8 Lucky Rituals for Chinese New Year


8. Toss a coin into the Prosperity Pond.


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Start your luck by making a wish for good fortune at the Prosperity Pond. You can spot the Prosperity Tree and the Dragon Tortoise Statue at the Lucky Chinatown Walk. The Dragon Tortoise combines two of the four celestial animals in FengShui practice and is said to bring good fortune to one’s career and business endeavours.


7. Rub the Lucky Neko Cat.


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Uber cute Maneki Neko Cat will attract money, luck and new opportunities if you rub its belly. Who could resist not to, anyway?


6. Ring the Good Luck Gong.


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Give a bang on the gong and its soothing sound will help calm the mind and relax the soul. Ring in good luck for the Year of the Sheep!


5. Write down a wish on a Wishing Crane.


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Ancient Japanese legends tell of how folding 1,000 origami cranes can grant 1 wish. So, join the throng of people jotting their wishes down on these cranes and wait for yours to come true within the year.


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4. Say a prayer to the gods of Happiness, Prosperity and Longevity.



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Fu (happiness or blessings), Lu (prosperity) and Shou (longevity) or the “Three Stars,” personify the three attributes in Chinese culture. Visit these three gods and wish for happiness, prosperity and longevity to envelop your year.


3. Make a sketch of your zodiac animal and check your fortune.


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Bring home a sketch of your zodiac sign! It’s free, so you can take home a souvenir after you celebrate Chinese New Year at Lucky Chinatown.

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Kids having a fun time sketching their own zodiac signs using different colors!