How This Boy Gets to School Will Touch Your Heart

Most of us grew up with society’s concept of fathers being the head of the family, a daughter’s first love, and the man who will protect us from any harm. The description is not so far off and actually depicts our dads as our superheroes. But what happens when our dad gets sick or injured? It is completely understandable to see him take a rest and do less work… not for this dad.

This photo was posted by Mike Dumlao a few days ago with the caption, “I simply need to bring my son to school”

Father-brings-son-to-school (01)

Father-brings-son-to-school (02)

The photo really makes you smile and appreciate life a little bit more. Despite the dad’s inability to walk or drive, it seems important to him to be able to bring his beloved son to school. It just warms my heart to see such loving parents like him.

At the moment, we  are trying to get more information on the father and son from the person who posted this. We will update this article once available.