How ‘Powerful’ is the Philippine Passport?

philippine passport index

Although we may think that the Philippine passport is not powerful, it can allow anyone holding it enter 60 countries visa-free.

Moreover, in the recent passport index released by international financial company Arton Capital, our passport ranked 64th.

On the ranking, Germany took the top spot as the most powerful passport in the world.

Tied for the second spot are Singapore and Sweden.

For some Asian countries, their passports ranked:

  • Malaysia – rank 5
  • Brunei – rank 20
  • East Timor – rank 47
  • Thailand – rank 55
  • Indonesia – rank 67
  • Cambodia – rank 75
  • Vietnam – rank 76
  • Laos – rank 79
  • Myanmar – rank 85

For more info and see the full passport index list, visit this.

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