How Pole Dancing Helped Me Get Back on My Fitness Journey

Article by Neil John Vildad

Pole dancing is not a foreign exercise to me. I have met several people who have told me they do pole dancing or have tried pole dancing at one point in their lives. All of their testimonies about the sport were all positive. They said that it’s a very liberating and empowering activity or that it is really physically challenging, making it a great workout. All of these positive words about pole dancing are great, but it still left me thinking. “It can’t be that great.”

I used to be a really active person. I would do yoga almost everyday, go to the gym, etc. I wasn’t exactly heavily built or muscular, but I was strong. I was fit to do whatever I wanted in terms of strength. All that changed because of mental health issues and certain things just felt impossible to do. It went on for weeks and the weeks turned into months. It carried on until I felt that I had gone too far to even go back, and so I settled.

It wasn’t until I got invited to join a pole dancing class at The Upper Deck in Ortigas that I realized that it isn’t really too late to start up my fitness journey again. Even though I had heard nothing but good things about it, I entered the class full of apprehension. When the class started, I was afraid I would feel left out since I was the new one; but since the class was small (there were only five of us), I didn’t feel like an outcast at all. The instructor in the class was also very welcoming, which helped me overcome my fears.

The first few attempts at climbing the pole and balancing were difficult and challenging. At one point, I told the instructor that I felt really weak and that I couldn’t do it and that this sport probably wasn’t for me. The instructor then pushed me to tap into my inner strength because it really is possible. After quite a number of attempts and a whole lot of pep talk (from myself and the instructor), I was finally able to climb the pole, even if only a few feet (or inches) from the ground. It’s true what they said: that pole dancing is a really fulfilling and empowering sport.

Though I did not continue the pole dancing class, it inspired me to start working out again. It showed me that I still have the strength I used to have and that all I need is a good place to start, and it just happened to be this pole dancing class.

If you’re interested in trying pole dancing, The Upper Deck fitness center in Ortigas offers classes once a week every Wednesday.

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