How Often You Should Actually Be Washing Your Sheets

Some of us can be guilty of it, especially when we live alone — we skip washing our bedsheets more often than we want to. Especially when you’ve spent a long day commuting from work and you arrive home at night tired and weary, the first thing you want to do is just crash onto your bed.

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As much as we’d hate to be the hygiene police, the fact is that we need to be washing our sheets more often. According to the Consumer Reports, bedsheets need to be washed every two weeks — even more frequently if you sweat a lot (i.e. coming home sweaty from work or the gym and skipping a shower).

Humans actually shed millions of skin cells every night which land on our sheets, not to mention the dirt and dust that rapidly accumulate. We’re also putting ourselves at a risk for an asthma attack, with microscopic dust mites that settle on the sheets.

Uh, duly noted.

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