How I Lost Weight Without Starving Myself

Hi, I’m Jacklynne and I want to lose weight but I still want to eat a lot and do it the healthy way.


Eating a huge ass sandwich (which was half my height) in Slovakia

Food is love and if you disagree, then I feel sad for you. Anyway, when I came back last June from my Eurotrip, I was at my heaviest. I blame all the good food in Europe, especially Italy’s steak and wine.

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When I looked at myself in the mirror, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to look twice. I just can’t imagine that this is how big I was back then. My 5 foot 1 inch height didn’t help, either, as it made me look even fatter than I actually was. Aside from the fats I wanted to lose, it was also taking a toll on my health. I could no longer breath properly and I was always tired.

Working for an American company and following their time, the only options that I had were those 24/7 convenience stores and fast food chains. As much as I love Jollibee Chicken and Palabok with rice, extra gravy, and pineapple juice, though, I know that that’s not the best decision for someone who would want to lose the weight she gained.

Here’s how I lost all that extra fat:


Dreaming that my boyfriend is a life-sized Chickenjoy with Palabok


I know, I know. Nobody likes exercise. It’s hard and it makes you want to kill someone. However, I would rather choose to exercise than to solely depend on dieting. Because I’m me, I cannot starve myself. I’ll get dizzy and I’ll hate the world if I’m hungry, so I opted to sign up for a gym membership. WOW. Adulting! I chose Anytime Fitness BGC because it’s open 24/7 and it’s just walking distance from our office. It was my first time to ever go inside a gym and I was so impressed with Anytime Fitness’ community. I immediately signed up with my friend and opted for buddy (2 pax) training with Coach Chris.


He made the exercises super fun. I mean, fun, but not I-want-to-exercise-everyday kinda fun. He made it bearable-kind-of-fun, I must say. I’ve also been taught how to make cardio exercises easier. As I hate running on a treadmill, I’ve been advised to do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

  1. 5-minute walk (mine’s on 5 speed)
  2. 1-minute super fast running (mine’s on 9.5 speed)
  3. 2-minute walk (mine’s on 7 speed)
  4. Repeat for 30 minutes
  5. Walk for 5 minutes (mine’s on 5 speed)

This cheat sheet had been a blessing since who wants to run for 30 minutes straight? This technique helps you shed fat faster than non-HIIT workout.

Now on to the more exciting stuff! My food and my diet! Click next! 🙂


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