How Gaming is Helping with Mental Health

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Although some people might see them as a trivial thing, mental health issues are very real – and very hard to overcome. While some people go to therapy sessions and others even take medicine to help with the effects of their illness, there is one woman who seeks relief through a very tangible and easily accessible thing: gaming.


Some gamers we talked to have dabbled in the world of games for quite a while now, but only started playing video games seriously earlier this year when a good friend of hers told her to try it out. What she didn’t realize was that gaming would also do wonders for her mental health.

They used to experience intense mood swings. On her down days, she’d sometimes feel so bad that she didn’t even want to leave her condo. Although she didn’t feel like going out, there were days when she’d still want to talk to people. Interacting with other players really helped in this regard.

While we wouldn’t go as far as saying she is completely healthy now, gaming has significantly helped in reducing the stress and anxiety that she used to feel on a daily basis. This really isn’t that surprising, seeing as how video games have been used as a treatment for mental health issues since 1975.

According to Bradley University, play therapy can even be applied in child counseling since people – children included – feel free of the pressures of everyday life when they play, and can thus express themselves more freely. This can help mental health professionals properly observe their patients and give them more effective treatments.


Aside from forgetting the pressures of the outside world, gaming has also helped gamers feel better overall. Since she started gaming, she says she has had a lighter and happier mind and heart. In the world of gaming, we gets to be a different person for a while. Depending on the game that she plays, she can also release her rage, interact with other players, develop her cognitive skills, or just have a load of fun.

Of course, it has to be said, though, that gaming should only be done in moderation. As with everything else in life, it is completely possible to develop an addiction to gaming. However, when done moderately, video games can indeed be helpful in keeping your brain healthy and your heart happy. Just see the smile on her face every time she streams at