Spider-Kids: How Desperate Are Kids to Cut Classes?

How Desperate Are Kids to Cut Classes?

Kids Are Desperate to Cut Classes

When you were still in school, how desperate were you to cut classes? We bet your most used excuses were “I’m not feeling well today” and “I had a family emergency.” But how many of you had the guts to actually climb over the school wall and escape?

These four kids, apparently. In a video that was recorded beside SM North EDSA, two boys are casually waiting on the sidewalk next to a wall. A third boy comes out of one of the trees on the other side, jumps on the roof of the pathway, and slides down a traffic sign. A second boy soon follows. After that, they walk off-camera (most likely to SM North EDSA), as if what they were doing is the most normal thing in the world.

The video may seem funny, but we wonder: what does it say about our education system and the children’s interest in going to school?

Two more questions: Is this something we should tolerate? And who knew traffic signs could double as a fireman’s pole?

Watch the whole video below:

What do you think of this video? Were you this desperate to cut classes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

How Desperate Are Kids to Cut Classes?

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