How “Date Unlimited”, The First Filipino Dedicated Regular Speed Dating Event Platform Was Created


No More Lonely Sunday Evenings for Filipino Single Professionals!

or How “Date Unlimited”, the first Filipino dedicated and regular speed dating eventplatform was created


“Sam and Nicole Events Management” launchedSunday, the  5th of May 2013, “Date Unlimited”, the first Filipino dedicated speed dating event platform.  We are very pleased to announce that on August 18, 2013, our 5th speed dating event will be held in Mets Bar and Grill, Metropolitan Club, Estrella Cor. Amapola St., Makati City (Near Rockwell).


“Date Unlimited” is the first, dedicated and specialized speed dating event,all year round, organizer, where busy professional singles can meet and enjoy a fun and engaging evening in some of the best  and exclusive venues in Manila, once every two or three weeks.  Our target group is comprised of Filipino professional employees working in private and public sector, business owners, self-employed and post graduate students, with ages between 22 and 38.

(watch video or use this link https://youtu.be/fMcQkM8MPyc)



So far, most local organizers hosted speed dating eventsonly on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, while others organized them more often but without explaining the concept nor creating much visibility around them. Perhaps that is because parts of the media had negative comments on these events, at times considered promiscuous, at times useless or even worse,“altering” or harmingthe pre-existing social order as it is understood by those more conservative.  Despite these comments, however, numbers speak by themselves.  Based on 2010 census of Philippines National Statistics Office, around 43% of the Philippines entirepopulation are single. In the National Capital Region, there are more than 2 million single males and 2 million single females.


It is no longer a secret that the now-a-day society gives us less and less time for our own self-discovery, friends and preoccupations. Moreover, it has become a difficult task to find and build love driven relationships, when most of the time is dedicatedto building a career within thwarted and hectic schedules.  But love is a needful ingredient if not the most needful ingredient for a happy, accomplished life.


That is why we decided to meet the needs of those who have understood that life is actually empty without love by organizing regularly, every two to three weeks, speed dating events in a warm, friendly and secure environment, with a lot of love floating in the air! That is how the firstPhilippine regular speed dating event platform, “Date Unlimited”, was created.




“Sam, who is my partner and boyfriend, and I have met some time

ago thanks to a common friendthat introduced us. When I saw him I

just knew he was The One! Before that, we attended several speed

dating events. We saw how others do it and learnt how to make it

better. But what I think is more important is that we were very lucky

to find each other. I wish our speed dating events become that

“friend” that people need in order to find the partner they were

looking for! So we consider ourselves to be a love spreading

company!” (Nicole Mayo, Co-owner and event organizer “Sam and

Nicole Events Management”).


Our commitment is to meet the highest requirements in terms of ensuring participant privacy, organization, location and participant profile. We help and encourage those who have not met the right one yet discover more about themselves by interacting with people with various professional backgrounds and thus be able to seize the opportunity when it arises and also learn to feel better about themselves. 


A few words about the speed dating concept

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, speed dating is an event at which each participant converses individually with all the prospective partners for a few minutes in order to select those with whom dates are desired. 

However, according to Wikipedia, speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people. Its origins are credited to a Rabbi, originally as a way to help Jewish singles meet and marry.  The first speed-dating event took place in Beverly Hills in late 1998. Nowadays, there are many speed dating events held in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.


Information about the organizer

“Date Unlimited”, created and owned by “Sam and Nicole Events Management” is the first initiative of specialized, regularly held speed dating events, dedicated toFilipino single professionals. Those interested are kindly invited to go towww.DateUnlimited.net and check all registration information and details available for each event. 


”Sam and Nicole Events Management” is  a duly registered event

organizing company  in the Philippines and is dedicated and

committed in creating a fun, friendly and safe environment where

singles can meet. We are operating in Quezon City with business

permit No. 13-001180.


for more inquiries, contact 0906-328-0643



For more information, please contact:

 Samuel Sanchez

Co-owner and event organizer

Sam and Nicole Events Management

Landline: (02) 622-5482

Mobile: 0917-320-1186

Email: organizer@dateunlimited.net



 How “Date Unlimited”, The First Filipino Dedicated & Regular Speed Dating Event Platform Was Created