23 Uber Cool Household Items for Die-Hard Star Wars Fans

Know any die-hard Star Wars fans? If you are wondering what to get your resident geek (or even yourself) this Christmas, here are some useful yet geeky gift ideas that every Star Wars fan is sure to love.

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23 Uber Cool Household Items for Die-Hard Star Wars Fans

R2-D2 Coffee Maker

Ever feel too lazy to make coffee in the morning? With something as adorable as this waiting to be filled with coffee, you are sure to get the energy you need every morning – even before you fill it up.

Buy this awesome R2-D2 coffee maker now!

Darth Vader Apron

Rule the galaxy… este, your kitchen… with this bad-ass Darth Vader apron and show your family who’s boss!

Buy this apron in a Darth Vader or R2-D2 design here!

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

Looking for an ultra-cheap gift to give your fellow Star Wars fans this Christmas? You can get these awesome bottle openers in bulk and give them to all of your Star Wars-loving friends and relatives just in time for the New Year inuman festivities. Get one for yourself, too, for good measure.

Buy this cool bottle opener for only 51 pesos here!

Darth Vader Helmet Cake Mold

Know a baker who loves Star Wars? Say goodbye to generic shapes of cakes and hello to cakes of all flavors and colors… shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet. Coz why not, right?

Buy this bad-ass cake mold here!

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

If a cake mold is too big, get these adorable cookie cutters instead.

Buy every single kind while it’s on sale at 45% off!

Star Wars Anti-Slip Floor Mats

These anti-slip floor mats are the perfect companion for any Star Wars lover’s bathroom. You can use them in the kitchen, too – or anywhere, really. The best part is that they come in a ton of different designs for you to choose from depending on each fan’s preference.

Buy some while they’re on sale now!

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Mold

There are various ways this cool Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Mold can be put to use. You can turn it into a giant Han Solo-shaped ice cube to be used in pitchers, or as a jello mold, or as a cake mold. Enjoy!

Buy this mold while it’s on sale now!

Death Star Ice Mold

Is the Han Solo mold too big? Check out this Death Star ice mold, which is the perfect size for practically any glass. Plus, you’ll end up with a perfectly round mold of ice – except in the form of a Death Star. Too cool (literally)! You can also turn this into a chocolate milk mold, by the way… just saying.

Buy this cool ice mold now while it’s on sale at 30% off!

Star Wars Egg and Bread Shapers

Wanna shape more food? These shapers will shape your hard-boiled eggs or your sandwiches to make your meals and snacks more fun!

Take your pick from this wide array of shapers that are on sale at 63% off now!

Lightsaber Heat Reveal Mug

This mug is far too cool! When used with regular or cold water, the lightsaber hilts are portrayed on the mug; but pour in hot water and voila! The lightsabers all light up!

Buy this magic mug now!

R2-D2 Covered Mug

If you’re the type to let your coffee sit next to you all day while you work, then this covered mug would be the perfect choice for you as it keeps it safe from dust and flies and other things that could fall into it. Plus, who wouldn’t want R2 keeping them company all day?

Buy this mug now while it’s at 40% off!

Stormtrooper Double Layer Glass

Glasses are always useful. They can be used for iced coffee, beer, or even just plain ol’ water. This Stormtrooper double-layer glass will elevate any Star Wars fan’s drinking experience – definitely a must-have!

Buy this cool glass now!

Death Star LED Lamp

Light up someone’s night with this Death Star LED Lamp! If the Death Star isn’t the Star Wars icon that shaped their life, choose from a wide variety of Star Wars designs, like BB-8, R2-D2, or the Millennium Falcon!

Take your pick from a ton of Star Wars designs here!

Death Star 3-D Wall Lamp

This is the ultimate must-have lamp for Star Wars fans. I mean… just look at it! You’ll definitely want to keep this lamp turned on all night long.

Buy the ultimate Death Star wall lamp here!

Jedi and Sith Bathrobes

Get excited about every bathtime and step out in a Jedi or Sith bathrobe. You’ll end up showering much more than usual coz of these babies! You can also lounge around at home in them – no judgment!

Choose between Jedi and Sith bathrobes, or get both, here!

Lightsaber Umbrellas

Choose your lightsaber color. While most people hate receiving umbrellas as giveaways or gifts, this is one umbrella Star Wars fans definitely won’t mind getting for Christmas. Choose from an array of umbrella colors and lightsaber colors to suit the person you want to surprise. Each umbrella even comes with a flashlight at the bottom – awesome!

Buy these umbrellas now while they’re at 60% off!

Darth Vader Bedsheets

These Darth Vader bedsheets will give extra personality to any room. Available in all bed sizes, you can get one for your favorite Star Wars fan or for yourself.

Buy these Darth Vader bedsheets now!

Star Wars 3D Fridge Magnets

Snazz up your fridge with these cool Star Wars magnets. That Boba Fett one is extra bad-ass!

Collect them all now!

Kylo Ren Lightsaber Chopsticks

These Kotobukiya lightsaber chopsticks come in different versions, but these ones stand out the most because, well, Kylo Ren had one of the most unique lightsaber designs in the movies. Whether you’re a sucker for noodles or not, you’re gonna end up using chopsticks to eat anything that you have to eat once you have these.

Buy these lightsaber chopsticks now!

Stormtrooper Trash Can

A trash can is just a trash can, but you might as well spice up your living space by adding some geekery into it. This Stormtrooper trash can will suit any room.

Buy this trash can now while it’s on sale!

Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder

Now this is one adorable addition to any household! Have Lord Vader serve you your candies, chocolates, cookies, or whatever else you’d like to place into the bowl. You can even use it as a coin holder or a jewelry holder – the options are endless!

Buy this adorable candy bowl holder now!

Stormtrooper Cereal Bowl

Eat your cereals dark side style with this Stormtrooper cereal bowl. The top comes off to work as a bowl and it has compartments inside for the milk and a spoon. This is perfect for kids to bring their cereals to school… or adults. We love our cereal, too, after all.

Buy this cereal bowl now while it’s at 44% off!

Star Wars Vinyl Record Wall Clock / Lamp

This wall clock doubles as a lamp and looks hella cool! Showcasing stencils of some of our favorite Star Wars characters, this is a great statement piece for any room.

Buy this unique item now!

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Which of these Star Wars items will you be adding to your cart?

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