House Ratifies Children’s Safety On Motorcycles Bill

child on motorcycle

The House of Representatives has ratified an amended version of the proposed Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act, particularly a measure setting rules on children riding on motorcycles to ensure their safety.

The ratified measure now reads that a child can be transported aboard a motorcycle only if the child’s foot can reach the standard foot peg of the motorcycle. Also, a child riding on a motorcycle must also be able to reach around and grasp the waist of the motorcycle driver, aside from wearing a standard protective helmet, according to news reports.

Violators of any measure under the proposed act shall be fined with an amount of P3,000 for the first offense, P5,000 for the second offense, and P10,000 for the third and succeeding offenses. Violation beyond the third time will automatically result to revocation of the offender’s driver’s license.

If passed, this should ensure road safety among children.

What do you think of this? Any other road safety tips you recommend?