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A few months ago, we posted a story about a woman who posted an ad about selling her house along with her hand in marriage. The house is located in Indonesia and asking price is for 999 million Rupiah or approximately US$75,000.

Recently, we found out that she found a buyer (and a husband) from the post on Indonesian media website Kompas.

The story revealed that Wina Lia, the owner of the real estate, met buyer Redi Eko, who is also looking for a wife. 

Similar to her, the buyer is a single parent. When he found out about Wina Lia’s financial difficulties, he offered his assistance. Wina Lia said that Redi Eko will sell his house in Sumatra and use the money to help her out.

Redi Eko has been set to move to Yogyakarta to be closer to his children who are attending university there. He told Kompas, “Whether with Wina or somebody else, I will still live in Yogya.”

The two have not met in person yet but they have been consistently communicating through texts and calls. Soon, they plan to meet face to face in Yogyakarta. 

“According to the plan, we will go on Umrah (minor pilgrimage to Mecca) first. Then, if there is no obstacle, next month we will formalize the relationship,” Wina Lia said.

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