Hotels Apparently Offer ‘Puppy Therapy’ As An Activity And This Needs To Be A Bigger Thing

‘Puppy Therapy’ is basically sessions where you can play, cuddle, and interact with some puppies. The activity is meant to be therapeutic in the sense that it allows you to relax and let off some steam. After all, who doesn’t love playing with puppies? 


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Bali Dog Association, a non-profit organization in Bali, arranges these puppy therapy sessions for a local hotel. They bring their rescue puppies to The Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel twice a week for guests to spend time with them. The hotel, in turn, makes donations towards their charity. 

Guests are able to bond with the puppies for 2 hours each session. The hotel has set up a picketed area right by the pool for anyone to come, plop down, and spend some quality time with a puppy or two. It sounds like the perfect thing to add to a rest-and-relaxation type of vacation. 


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As much as these therapy sessions are for the happiness and enjoyment of the guests, they are also for the benefit of the rescue puppies. This playtime helps them socialize with humans and become accustomed to meeting new people. Hopefully, in the long run, it better helps them adjust to future ‘forever homes’.  

Should we do this in the Philippines too?