Hot Lingerie Model Is A Former Buddhist Monk and Wait for It…

Mimi Tao Lingerie Model 3

It’s never too late to go for anything you want in life, no matter the hurdles.

Take for instance this former Buddhist monk who is now known as one of the hottest lingerie models in Thailand.

According to AllDay, Mimi Tao is a lingerie model in Thailand who has had various exposure throughout Asia. She is known to have participated in high-end fashion shows and campaigns, which makes it difficult to believe that Mimi was once a bald-headed Buddhist monk.

In relation to that fact, Mimi was born a boy named Phajaranat Nobantao. Although her siblings were sent in a public school, she was sent to a Buddhist temple to become a monk. During that time, she observed over 200 strict rules.

Mimi made massive changes in her youth. In her second year in the Buddhist temple, she started taking birth control pills to grow her breasts. Due to this behavior, her mother disowned her. However, she just became more and more interested in becoming a woman and behaving like one.

Mimi Tao Lingerie Model 2

After staying for six years in the temple, she decided to leave and go to Pattaya, Thailand. She wanted to help out her family and she thought Pattaya is the place where transgender people have a shot in making money.

Not without setbacks but eventually she got paid modeling work. Although she was charging less as she is a transgender, the good thing was she was getting work.

Eventually, she got the attention of popular designers in Asia. One designer, Kai Ukas, even said that Mimi has the perfect Thai face.

Mimi Tao Lingerie Model 1

As more work begin to come, Mimi’s main goal is to pay off all of her mother’s debt.

In the end, she mentioned that she is not closing her doors to becoming a monk saying that it might even be the ideal life for her.

What do you think of Mimi Tao’s achievement?

*Note: All photos used are from Mimi Tao Instagram account.

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