Hospital apologizes after listing “LGBTQ” as a mental health disorder

The battle for LGBTQ+ representation and acceptance has been uphill for many years, with their recognition as not a mental illness only happening in recent years. People fought long and hard to prove that being LGBTQ+ was just as normal as being heterosexual and following heteronormative practices. But it’s things like these that hurt the LGBTQ+ community and set the movement back decades.

The Princess Alexandra hospital in Essex put up a poster listing different mental health disorders, with “LGBTQ+” (or actually the misspelled “LGBTG”) being one of them. One Twitter netizen, Ellen Gibson/@ellenrgibson, took notice of the sign and was upset at the hospital for even listing it down as a mental health condition.

“Being part of the LGBTQ (or LGBTG) community isn’t a mental health disorder and I can’t believe I’m having to say this to an NHS institution?!” She wrote in her tweet in total outrage.

The hospital was quick to apologize, responding to the tweet and assuring everyone they would take the poster down.

It should also be said that abuse and all aren’t mental health conditions either, so this poster really needs to be re-evaluated. What do you think?

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