Honor Thy Father’s Erik Matti Wins Best Director, Airs Disappointment on MMFF

Honor thy father

Erik Matti was named as the Best Director for the movie “Honor Thy Father” in the recently concluded Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) awards night.

Matti’s recognition came after the disqualification of his film in the Best Picture category.

The director did not show up at the awarding ceremony but a representative received his trophy and read his speech on his behalf.

In his speech, he expressed his disappoint with regards to MMFF, which is beyond the disqualification of his film.

He said, “Kahit kailan po hindi ako gumagawa ng pelikula para magka-award. Kung may mga reklamo man ako sa MMFF, hindi ‘yun tungkol sa pag-disqualify niyo sa ‘Honor Thy Father’ for the Best Picture category.” (Rough translation: Ever since, I never made a movie to get an award. If ever I have complaints about the MMFF, it’s not about the disqualification of the film “Honor Thy Father” for the Best Picture category.)

He added that their producer, Dondon Monteverde, has also released a statement expressing disappointment about the festival from the selection of the movie theaters where films are shown to the unjust treatment of theaters to small producers.

Meanwhile, he expressed gratitude to the MMFF for instigating a discussion among filmmakers and fans. He also thanks the MMFF for the free publicity.

He encouraged the viewing public to “demand for better films” and “better choices in the cinemas.”

He also posted on his Twitter account:

mmff best director erik matti

What do you think of the disqualification of the film Honor Thy Father? What can you say about the current state of the MMFF?