Honor Thy Father: Amazing Never Before Seen BTS Photos Will Leave You Speechless

Photographer Jet Leyco of Reality Entertainment–the production house behind the controversial film Honor Thy Father– gave us permission to publish his work: Behind the scenes photographs of Honor Thy Father’s cast and crew in a different perspective.

A film by the world renowned Erik Matti, also known for the masterpiece “On The Job” releases a new film “Honor Thy Father” for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2015

“The crime thriller Honor Thy Father, examines fundamentalist Christianity and white-collar crime in the Philippines. After years of financial struggle, Kaye (Meryll Soriano) and Edgar (John Lloyd Cruz) are finally on a roll. Kaye has made millions promoting her father’s investment scheme to her friends and fellow Pentecostal parishioners at the Church of Yeshua. But their world unravels instantaneously one day when Edgar swings by his father-in-law’s house to find the place ransacked and the old man gone” – Plot by TIFF.net

These photos were taken in various shoot locations with different characters and crew members:










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