Hong Kong Netizens Praise Filipino Hikers Picking Up Trash

A photo of a group of Filipino hikers has gone viral, after they were snapped picking up the trash along one of Hong Kong’s famous hiking trails, according to an ABS-CBN/Coconuts report.

The photo was posted by a certain Edward So on Facebook, after he witnessed the group tidying up the trail and picking up litter thrown by hikers before them.

The post, translated in English by the article, reads:

“While exercising on Ma On Shan today, I saw seven or eight Filipino domestic helpers each carrying a big bag and filling them up with trash as they hiked. My fellow hikers, would you be glad to see people from other countries having to tidy your native land? I feel so embarrassed!”

Majority of the commenters praised the group’s deed, thanking them for their act.

One comment read:

Truly top class human beings! Hong Kong people also need to work hard and do good for the city!

Some commenters were also quick to point out that the poster was hasty in assuming that the hikers were a group of domestic helpers.

Nevertheless, some members of the group responded, and acknowledged that a few members of their team were from Indonesia.

Calling themselves the Filipino Extreme Hikers, the group shared that the photo of the team was actually only one of six groups who set out to clean the Ma On Shan hiking route.

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