Get the Sweetest Self Care With This Pinoy-Made Cruelty-Free Chocolate Body Scrub

Who said chocolate was only good to eat? I’m certain you’ve heard of chocolate being used as an ingredient for skincare products but it truly is something that you just have to experience yourself to understand just how luxuriant and beneficial it is to your body.

Believe me, I was just as skeptical about it as you probably are. Rarely do I introduce my skin to “gimmicky” products like body scrubs that I don’t really need. But that is precisely why I found myself positively awestruck by this particular chocolate body scrub made by local brand Honey Beauty PH!

honey beauty ph

The first thing that immediately captured my heart upon discovering the Cacao Crush Scrub, other than the fact that it’s 100% locally made, was that it’s also cruelty-free. The packaging was likewise a huge plus for me. It isn’t stored in a plastic bottle but rather a space-saving pouch made of water-resistant kraft paper.

Of course, first impressions can only do so much. It was time to try it out! So I hopped in the shower and did my routine just as the instructions told me to. After finally rinsing my soap, I lathered the Cacao Crush Scrub all over my body. My bathroom instantly smelled like chocolate! I tend to be sensitive to strong smells but I wasn’t bothered at all by the decadent scent that wafted through the air. Even more reassuring was that my skin didn’t react negatively to the product; it didn’t get red nor did it get irritated even long after I washed all the scrub off.

I didn’t expect myself to be this surprised by the product. After all, the Cacao Crush Scrub is made with natural ingredients, specifically upcycled cacao husks sourced from Davao farmers. “These husks constitute 30% of the entire cacao bean after roasting, and they’re typically discarded—we wanted to find a way to repurpose these husks, and that’s how our new Cacao Scrub started,” Honey Beauty shared with us.

“Our goal is to create #satisfyingskincare that will leave our customers satisfied from regimen to results. It’s about embracing that not everyone #wokeuplikethis, and not everyone likes a minimalist routine. We want to show everyone that it’s okay to enjoy something a little bit more extra,” they added.

honey beauty ph chocolate body scrub

I knew that the scrub would be kind to my skin, but the results were so great that I’m still at a loss for words. My skin turned out so soft and supple afterward and I realized that it ended up being much more effective than most exfoliators I’ve tried. I just feel like my skin’s much smoother and healthier now! This is one product that I won’t be afraid to incorporate in my weekly pamper sessions in the bath!

Honey Beauty ships nationwide. Check out their Instagram and website to see their other products!

Honey Beauty


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