Honest Traffic Enforcer Returns Student’s Wallet

This week’s been extra heavy on the bad news so allow us to present a simple story that restores our faith in people, even for a little bit.


The day must have started out usually for this girl something bad eventually happened along the way. Losing her wallet at the Pasig Market must have been a panic-induced moment, even more so that it contained her tuition fee money, but fortunately, a man with a good heart managed to be the one who picked it up.

Meet traffic enforcer Michael Gregorio. He was the one who found the student’s wallet and got to return it to her safely. Having tuition fee money inside a lost money must be tempting for some but to Mr. Michael Gregorio, his kind heart told him to do what’s right.

Hopefully, we’d have more officials like him. Perhaps it could lessen just a bit of the mishaps happening lately.

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