Honest Guard Returns Bag with Almost P500,000 at NAIA

When In Manila, we love hearing stories that inspire us and make us feel that there is still some good in this world. Don’t you agree? These stories never get old, and are worth sharing over and over again. Just a few weeks ago, we heard about the story of the honest airport guard, too broke to pay for his own lunch but still returned the $10,700 he found at the airport! Wow! I salute you sir!

Honest GUardPhoto taken from ABS-CBN NEWS by Raoul Esperas


The airport guard, Danny Namion is a father of 2 and only earns 12,000 pesos per month. A lot of you probably earn more than that and still struggle to make both ends meet, a bag filled with gadgets and a huge amount of cash is a very big temptation! With all the crimes we face today, I would be crying miserably if that bag was mine! I’d probably be feeling hopeless of ever getting it back. However, Namion was not just any other guard, and despite having to borrow P100 from his colleague to buy a decent meal that day, he still decided to do the right thing and return the bag.

According to local news sites, Namion found the bag unattended in a baggage cart at the arrival extension of NAIA Terminal 1. He went through the standard operating procedures before anything else and eventually discovered the bag’s contents. “I got nervous because I know that the person who sent the money has important reasons in sending that large amount.”

It was later on discovered that the bag belonged to OFW named Jessie Amor. Grateful for Namion’s honesty, Amor rewards him with $300. And as if Namion hasn’t done enough good, he decides to share the blessing the give $200 to his colleagues. Wow! Danny Namion, you make the Filipinos proud! We need more honest people like you!