Homo Homo sapiens, Mediartrix’s First Virtual Production!

Mediartrix of the University of Santo Tomas is bringing its first Web-Series Production to your screens! Set during the pandemic, Homo Homo sapiens tells the story of the protagonists who met through the hands of fate. By the will of the universe, a mysterious website brought them together. 

HHS Official Poster

Bram Herrera is a boy who has been single all his life and looks for a kind of love that can only be seen in movies, and Dwight Blanco is another boy who just wants to be loved unconditionally for who he is. The two meet and they are on the precipice of finding what they want, but are pulled apart when fear and doubt consume the other. Will a destiny-blessed match triumph over a disagreement? Or has the universe mistaken about this pair and their happy ending? 


With this upcoming production, Mediartrix aims to deliver a story about love and acceptance. A reminder from the organization that every single one of us is deserving of a safe space, and to speak out their voices in the face of oppression. 


Sprouted from the mind of our writer, Arvin Agura, and accompanied with music by Archie Pangilinan and Angelo Agito. This is led by the direction of Gian Donado and Caitlin Martin, produced by the members of the organization. The cast features Mark Andres as Bram Herrera, Jio Jaramel as Dwight Blanco, VK Peña as Patricia Herrera, Chantelle Batac as Bella Herrera, Sirzedrick Estrabo as Arturo Herrera, and Shean Accad as Jude.

Show dates: 

April 30 – First Episode

May 1 – Second Episode

May 8 – Third Episode

May 9 – Fourth & Fifth Episode

The show is also suitable for teenagers and young adults of the society. Special packages are to be distributed for the first 250 individuals who will pre-register. For more details and inquiries, kindly contact: Arianne Andrada (09563870790) or Fianne Parada (09228293030). Visit and reach out to Mediartrix through their social media accounts on Facebook (/MEDIARTRIX), Twitter (@MediartrixUST), and Instagram (@mediartrixust) for further details.