Homeless Man Reminds Driver to Smile

Metro Manila traffic has been bad for the past few years, and lately, it seems to be getting worse. Most of us feel stressed as we run late for work or important meetings. Art Samaniego was one of these people.

As he sat in his car with a frowned face because of the bad traffic, a gentle reminder to smile came from the least expected person – a homeless man by the street.

Art shares:

“I’m late for a meeting and the traffic is bad. My patience is really running low when this obviously homeless guy mockingly asked me “huy manong sa CRV bakit ka nakasimangot?” (“Hey, old guy in the CRV, why are you pouting?”) Annoyed, I fired back “Ikaw bakit ka nakangiti?” (You, why are you smiling?”) He winked and said “kasi kuntento ako sa buhay!” (“Because I’m contented with my life”)…that answer made me think, and for the first time, I faced Manila traffic with a smile.”

Homeless man reminds driver to smile

It’s funny how sometimes those who have less, give more. And those who seem to have less are also the ones who are happier and more contented in life. The post/ gesture was very simple, but it’s an awesome reminder we all need. SMILE. Be happy with who you are but continue to work for something better.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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