Holiday Inn Clark: Your Home Away from Home!

No idea where to stay when in Clark? Holiday Inn Clark is the perfect place to have that “home away from home” experience!

Holiday Inn Clark WhenInManila

Holiday Inn Clark WhenInManila Lobby


Strategically located in the massive grounds of Mimosa Leisure Park at Clark Field Pampanga, Holiday Inn Clark offers all that is expected from an acclaimed holiday destination. The WhenInManila.com team was treated with a haven for relaxation from an all-day music festival last February — 7107 International Music Festival.

We arrived earlier than the usual check-in time, but the front-desk staff was too kind and allowed us to check in early so that we could have time to relax and unwind before the full-day schedule that we had for the music festival. We headed straight to our assigned rooms that was booked via AGODA


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I liked how the bed looks the same as the Holiday Inn and Suites Makati, and how the staff  gave their guests the same services even at different locations. Mae Ilagan, our Strategic Partnership Director at WIM and a “hotel-experience expert”, wrote  about the “one of a kind sleep experience” that you can only get at a Holiday Inn. My room-mates (Koji and Angeline) and I would attest to it! We felt like we were sleeping on clouds! Not to mention the duvet and the pillows that greatly added to the sleeping experience at Holiday Inn.


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Holiday Inn Clark Agoda Nikko Panti 2

 You can pick the kind of pillow that will give you the most comfortable personalized sleeping experience!


Another point that I always consider when booking a hotel is the bathroom! The Holiday Inn definitely passed my standards. 


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The toiletries are also exceptional, I love how they smell!