Hog’s Breath Cafe Took Our Breath Away with their Delicious Ribs, Burgers, and More!

I’ve been craving for a real burger for quite some time now.  And, when I say “real burger” it means, the serving should be decent, the taste must be authentic, and it should come with a lot of chips! (Aussies call their fries, chips)

Hog's Breath Cafe Philippines

Cravings satisfied! Woohoo!

What I love about living in the South is the variety of food establishments to choose from are endless.  From Asian to American to Australian, name it, you’ll find it here. Speaking of authentic Australian dishes (and serving sizes) I found an Australian-franchise steakhouse with a Filipino hogspitality, Hog’s Breath Cafe in Alabang.

Hog's Breath Cafe Philippines

Hog’s Breath Cafe is an Australian international chain of steakhouse restaurants.  It was first opened in July 1989 at Airlie Beach, Queensland by Don Algie. Hooray for Southerners, we now have Hog’s Breath Cafe in the Philippines!

Hog's Breath Cafe Alabang

No, we’re not hungry. We’re just craving! Blame it on the hormones!

Not only were they hospitable, the food tasted better than it looked. So, if you’re looking for a new place to try somewhere in the South, try this new restaurant at Filinvest Riverpark.

Not convinced, yet?  Well, let me give you 3 reasons why you should try Hog’s Breath Cafe in Alabang.

3. Hospitality

The place just opened a few months ago, but it didn’t intimidate them to compete with other establishments for one compelling reason – their customer service. Customers go back because of their hospitality.  Notwithstanding the food and the ambiance.

Hogs Breath cafe

The Chef and one of the owners even sat down with us and asked our feedback and opinion about the food and the place.

Hogs Breath CafeThe staff are very attentive as well.  They look after the safety of your children, which is critical for everyone!

Hogs breath Cafe

They also have a bar, for those people who want to take a break from the paper-chase, you can toss one back  here, anytime!

2. Kid- Friendliness

As a mom of 4, it’s really hard to find a restaurant where you can just dine in without worrying something’s going to break.  Thankfully, Hog’s Breath is friendly for kids and kid-at-heart. 🙂

Hog's breath cafe

Kids felt at home and thought the place was their playground!

Hogs Breath Cafe alabang

Kids loved the curly fries and burger, too.  Jersey couldn’t help but eat while taking some photos.

Hogs Breath Cafe

Bad move, I thought I could work but who am I kidding?! How can you work if you have these delectable dishes in front of you?

Hogs breath cafe Philippines

I was taking a photo of the food when someone tried to sneak out some fried potatoes. 😉 Got photobombed by my son’s hand. 🙂

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