Hiwaga: Philippine Treasures in Black Light Art

1 Hiwaga KV2

Art in Island is a 3D interactive art museum where we invite everyone to “BE PART OF ART.” With over a hundred 3D murals where museum guests can interact and take photos as much as they want, Art In Island has brought Philippine’s very first Media Art Show last year where 30-feet tall murals came to life.


This Christmas Season, Art In Island brings you ‘HIWAGA,’ a new magical experience where Light meets Art. Get ready to experience a different world where you can discover Philippine Treasures in Black Light Art. With the use of luminous paint and special light setting, the murals come to life and produce a glowing effect.


Hiwaga is a magical Philippine-themed exhibit that allows museum guests to be immersed in the country’s stunning tourist destinations, colorful festivals, indigenous wildlife species and mythical creatures. This new addition to Art In Island’s 11 zones will be launched on November 11, 2018 and will be officially open to the museum guests.

For more information, visit facebook.com/artinisland or call us at 421-1356.