Hiraya: Translating Aspiration Through Innovative Designs Grounded in the Filipino Spirit



INDX ‘17 is a proudly-Benildean group of graduating Interior Design students from the batch of SY 2017-2018. Working towards their dreams and aspirations through passion and determination, this batch of promising young students strive for excellence beyond what is ordinary.

Though these aspirants have yet a lot to learn about the industry, they are beginning to take their first steps into the real world through their up and coming exhibit, Hiraya: Translating Aspiration Through Innovative Designs Grounded in the Filipino Spirit.

This coming November, INDX ‘17, in partnership with AllHome, will be showcasing their designs for a creative and functional co-working space for young professionals in the field of arts and design. With the goal of elevating inventive office space design through innovative features that cater to user-centeredness through the aspects of Filipino culture, a variety of eight different spaces found in an office and one showroom will be displayed.

Lugod, Reception Area­

In the Visayan dialect, lugod means hilod, which in the English language, means to scrub. In our country, the use of the batong buhay as a panghilod is a common occurrence among Filipinos. The batong buhay’s natural source are stream beds and the natural processes involve hundreds, even thousands of years. The flow and curves of water from a stream and the layers encompassing the makings of a stone are the main manifestations of the concept of batong buhay in our design.

Ginhawa, Lounge

Meshing the ideas of comfort and fun together, the design’s purpose is to resonate with its foreseen users through the incorporation of luxury and individuality. The marrying of the two different elements also emphasizes the designers’ idea of ‘the new workspace,’ wherein workers are encouraged to think professionally, and yet recognize their individuality. The Hayahay concept implies that an office space does not need to have a solely serious atmosphere in order for the workers to be productive. It implies that fusing fun with the workspace is also good for the well-being of users, and may even improve work production.

Bayanihan, Conference

The design concept revolves around the Filipino farming history and as an industry in the Philippine economy. The interior design reflects the process and form of farming in the Philippines as a culture and tradition. Thus, the whole concept projects the 3 phases of Filipino farming: Pagtatanim (planting of ideas), Paglinang (cultivation of progress) and Pag-aani (harvest of design). Each stage performs how the design process takes place in every design office. The inspiration of farming takes place in the interaction of the user as they brainstorm ideas, develop and introduce it unto the world in a wider sense.

Kabanatan, Executive Office

The concept of this design, Warrior Women, was chosen because it defines the client’s strong and independent background who is a CEO in her late 30’s. Tribal patterns mean freedom and emancipation tattooed on Filipino warrior women during the olden times. In traditional tribal culture, men are perceived as the only people who are making a difference in their society even though women actually give out an important role but have not been noticed until today.

Sipag, Main Office

The main office is a space wherein there is productivity and where creative ideas are shared. The concept of the space revolves around the idea and meaning of SipagSipag is a Tagalog word that means diligence and industriousness. The space is designed for professionals in the interior design field. Sipag offers a hands-on type of collaboration space where designers can work on their drawings, mood boards, material boards, and scale models. The areas included in this space are the huddle area, drafting area, collaboration space, and swatch & supply storage.

Tiyaga, Main Office

Tiyaga or perseverance describes the hardworking Filipino. With determination, we push ourselves to create something innovative with our limited resources and get the job done no matter how difficult.The design aims to produce a space that allows users to work alone without being disturbed while still conducive to collaboration if needed. Through the space, we created a design that conveys effective functionality through maximum storage, practical comfort, maximized spaces, calming foliage and customized built-in furniture. Utilizing Filipino-inspired accents, the design proudly displays how the designers interpret staying rooted in humility and perseverance.

Maalam, Idea Space

The term “raw” came about because the designers wanted the interior to carry the life and image of the Philippines and the Filipino people. Just like an idea or a thought during the starting stages of designing/working, the idea is pure and innocent. The concept tells of the different materials available in the Philippines. It features the harmony of these materials into a working and effective interior that is still in touch with the life and soul of the Philippines. Ideas are the engine that starts up the whole design system.

Ugnay, Pantry

Most people see the office pantry as a place for storage and dining. Our design aims to go beyond this function and to reach the capacity of our pantry being a conducive space for bonding and collaboration during office breaks. As we further develop the significance of bonding and getting together in an office environment, the word ugnay, which means to link or to connect, came to mind as well as the power of linking workers together through the design and use of our pantry.

Hayagan, Showroom

Hayagan is a temporary showroom serving as a pop-up store which is a short-term sales space. Hayagan can also be a space for future buyers to view latest trends in the interior design field. The area reveals a residential space, wherein the owner can work from home. With the design concept of Native’s Gesture, pertaining to diligence and willpower of the Filipino people, this showroom exhibits how from little things, big things grow.

Come visit and experience their designs on the 27th of November 2017 at AllHome Will Tower in Eugenio Lopez Drive, Diliman, Quezon City.

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