Hindi pa Tapos ang Laban! Tuloy ang Bayanihan, Pulilan!

On behalf of all the Pulileños, Bayanihan Pulilan sincerely thanks everyone who extended their helping hands to our beloved hometown. The initiative was able to receive 330,000 worth of donations, which was used to help our indigent families and frontliners. It proves that any action, no matter how big or small, can significantly impact our society.

The fight against COVID-19, however, is still far from over. While some of us are fighting back in the comfort of our own homes, some sectors of our community still need all the help that we can offer. Our indigent families still need assistance to live for another day. Meanwhile, our frontliners still need every protection they can get to survive and continue to serve for the greater good.

As such, Bayanihan Pulilan is once again asking for your help, no matter how big or small.

Thank you very much for supporting our advocacy.

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