High School Clash 2019: Developing the Engineering Mindset

Adolescence is the period when teenagers must decide for a path to take them to their dreams. It is the time for them to establish independence and identity, and develop life principles as they become more responsible for their actions and decisions. This growth often starts as they gain knowledge in school and learn their capabilities through experiences and extra-curricular activities.

With the vision of promoting development in terms of academics and skills, the Civil engineering Executive Organization (CEO) presents the fourth installment of High School Clash which will be held on the 12th day of October 2019 at the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT), University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). This event provides an avenue for the students to learn basic engineering concepts through High School Clash’s Events – namely Executives’ Quiz, Amazing Race, Structure Making Contest and Seminar with the theme “Developing the Engineer Mindset in the Filipino Youth in Networking Pathways Towards Building a Better Future”. 

CEO HSC2019 Event Poster

The Executives’ Quiz is an oral type of quiz contest in which the participants will be tested about their knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics given a limited time. This year’s Amazing Race features the theme Infinity Hunt wherein the participants will collect stones by overcoming different challenges while being limited in time and space. Structure Making Contest is an on-the-spot activity focusing on the participants’ application of basic engineering concepts in constructing small-scale structures. The seminar, moreover, will focus on promoting the integration of engineering advancements with the development of modern technologies. A campus tour will also be available for delegates interested in exploring the UPLB grounds.

One of the biggest decisions adolescents will make is deciding for the career path to take. The event serves as a venue for those with intentions of choosing mathematics, science and engineering programs to assess the track they would like to pursue. 

The High School Clash 2019 aims to let students from Grades 9-12 to appreciate the different fields of engineering. With that, the activities are designed to train and nurture the participants of the activity in terms of effective leadership, decision making, intrapersonal and extrapersonal development, as well as, community involvement. High School Clash 2019 is endorsed by the Department of Education offices from Region II (Cagayan Valley), Region III (Central Luzon), Region IV-A (CALABARZON), and Region V (Bicol Region) for a wider reach.

The participating schools can have at most two teams where each team is composed of five Amazing Race participants, three Executives’ Quiz participants, and three Structure-Making Contest participants. Interested participants may have their registration through google forms which can be accessed through the following links:

For general registrations of participants for the contested activities – https://bit.ly/HSC2019RegistrationForm

For Seminar participants only – https://bit.ly/HSC2019Seminar

For the registration fees in the contested activities, different bundles can be availed in order to have great deals and discounts. The following bundles* are:

C1 – 1 Complete Team Lineup worth P 3 000.00

C2 – 2 Complete Team Lineup worth P 5 500.00

M1 – 1 Complete Team Lineup including Shirts for participants worth P 5 500.00

M2 – 2 Complete Team Lineup including Shirts for participants worth P 9 900.00

*Complete Lineup = 5 Amazing Race participants, 3 Structure-Making participants and 3 Executives’ Quiz participants

If the schools plan to send participants for two contested activities out of three, the registration fee shall be P 300.00 per head. Meanwhile, if the schools plan to send participants for a contested activity out of three, the registration fee shall be P 325.00 per head. On one hand, the registration fee for the Seminar is P 180.00 per head. However, the school can avail a discount for 10 participants at P 170.00 per head and a discount for 20 participants at P 160.00 per head.

The regular registration started on September 14, 2019 and it shall end on October 4, 2019. However, if the school misses the general registrations, they may opt to have a walk-in registration at the venue on the day of the event.

It takes great courage to take the challenge and have clash with other minds. Dare to do the clash, dare to accept the challenge and dare to take courage! 

Participating school teams will have a chance to win trophies, certificates, tokens, and the following cash prizes:

Champion – P 10 000.00

1st Runner Up – P 5 000.00

2nd Runner Up – P 3 000.00


For inquiries regarding High School Clash, kindly contact Mr. Roberto F. Baligad at 09266759079 or email at rfbaligad@up.edu.ph. You can also email us at highschoolclash@gmail.com