High School Clash 2017: Experience To Equip

Benjamin Franklin once quoted, “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” Knowledge is gained not just through the conventional setups─teacher-student arrangement but also through experiences.

As an organization that advocates the imparting of lessons, be it engineering-related or not, Civil engineering Executive Organization chose to channel out experiential learning through launching its second High School Clash, the High School Clash 2017, on the 7th of October in the University of the Philippines Los Baños. It is an inter-high school activity that will hold an Amazing Race, Structure-Making Contest (Vertical Limit), Math, Science and General Information Contest (Executives’ Quiz) and a seminar with the theme “Transcending Barriers: Unboxing the Future of Engineering.”

The one-day event is open to all Grade 9 to 12 students from different public and private schools. The members of the organization will do their paramount efforts to be effective in enticing the students to think to think critically and creatively, and also in exposing them to various engineering concepts and theories, hence raising up their interest in the mentioned field.

Furthermore, the clash will generally serve as a venue for secondary students to learn and apply the core values ─ effective leadership, strategy development, communication skills development, and community involvement through seminars and competitions.

The vision of the organization for this event is that the target audience, the high school students, after imparting lessons to them, can be effective media to share their education with the community to be scientifically competitive.

There are three types of registration for this event. First is the early registration which started on September 4 and ended on September 8. The next type is the regular registration which is from September 11-22. Last is the walk-in registration which is on October 7.

There are also four bundles which the schools may avail on. Bundle 1 costs P2500.00 which is worth of eight participants for the Amazing Race, four for the Structure-Making Contest, and three for the Executives’ Quiz. Bundle 2 costs P4000.00; it is Bundle 1 plus HSC Lanyards for 15 participants. Furthermore, Bundle 3 costs P 6000.00; it is Bundle 1 plus HSC shirts for 15 participants. Lastly, Bundle 4 costs P7000.00; it is Bundle 1 plus HSC shirts and lanyards for 15 participants. All participants included in team bundles will gain free access to the seminar. If the school wishes to add more participants in the seminar, it will choose one in all of the promos stated below.

  • +1 participant – add P120.00
  • +5 participants – add P500.00
  • +10 participants – add P950.00
  • +20 participants – add P1800.00

Interested individuals or delegates of their school may register at http://tinyurl.com/HSC2017AllIn. For more information, you can send your inquiries to us at highschoolclash@gmail.com or contact: Mr. Mark Joseph Evangelista – 09272378566 | mmevangelista3@up.edu.ph or Mr. Prince Gauna – 09061185567 | pcgauna@up.edu.ph.

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