LOOK: These High School Best Friends Started a Clothing Brand for Working Filipinas

Pandemic or no pandemic, it has always been a struggle to find office wear that is both comfortable and fashionable. Most of the time, “professional” workwear comes in boring colors and styles. Sometimes, they even come with a hefty price tag. Elle the Label solves all of these problems for you.

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Elle the Label was started by three high school best friends – Beatrice Paner, Kristellyn Katague, and Katrina Dasalla – who graduated from the same high school… and even the same university (albeit different courses). How awesome is that? All three of them are currently starting their careers in their perspective fields while running Elle the Label at the same time. They are fun girls; and since they are so passionate about what they do, running this business feels less like work for them.

Their friendship and similar wavelength in fashion give them an edge when it comes to teamwork; it is built on a strong foundation of trust. The best part is that even their business meetings turn into catch-ups, and their production of items turns into a quick hangout. Talk about friendship goals!

Elle the Label business owners

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Elle the Label started in August 2019 with the aim of providing women with versatile and slow-fashion pieces. As mentioned earlier, office attire is usually associated with mature and old-fashioned clothes. Since these ladies are young
professionals, they, too, found it hard to find stylish clothes that are appropriate for work, not to mention ones that are actually affordable.

Who would have thought that their frustration for the perfect everyday clothes would lead to them starting their very own clothing brand? Elle the Label was formed to address that gap in the market by providing affordable, timeless, and versatile pieces for working Filipinas. And we love every single piece! (They even have face masks!)

Elle the Label Andie Top and Mask 2

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So, how did they choose their pieces? Well, growing up, they all aspired to become like their own hardworking moms and the stylish working women they often saw in mainstream media. This aspiration nurtured their appreciation for clothes and style. When they were thrown into the real world as young working professionals, however, they realized that quality office wear can be quite pricy and outdated. It was hard to find clothes that they could wear to work during the day that they could also wear out at night.

Elle the Label Bea top

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This inspired them to create a clothing brand for working Filipinas – one that would be stylish, work-appropriate, and more affordable. “There’s no need to choose between stylishness, affordability, comfort, and quality when you can have them all,” they remind us. “We feel you, strong independent Filipinas!”

Elle the Label Kat Dress

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Whether you’re working in the office (or at home), hanging out with friends, or going on a date, Elle the Label’s clothes can take you from day to night – and in the utmost comfort to boot. Their pieces are really tailored for working Filipinas who don’t want to sacrifice on style or comfort, and who don’t want to burn a hole in their wallets. Check out the rest of their gorgeous items in their social media accounts below!

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ElletheLabel.PH

Instagram: @ellethelabel.ph

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