High Grounds Café: The Philippines’ First E-Sports Arena

By: Tiffany Tolones


There’s no beating Filipinos’ online activity, and that doesn’t even escape online gaming: The multiplayer online battle game DOTA 2 has found legions of Pinoy fans, and you don’t need to look far to find evidence. Just look at the hordes of internet cafés that are packed with gamers!

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Crystal Maiden

But what started out as a hobby for many turned into a real passion, hence the rise of e-sports in the country. With the recent win of the The Net.Com (TNC) Pro Team in DOTA 2, this shows that the Philippines is truly hungry for real e-sports action, which makes High Grounds Café in Tomas Morato, Quezon City the perfect haven for serious gaming fans!

High Ground Café is the first of its kind, and is the first and only fully branded gaming café in the country, truly stepping away from the internet shops that are dime a dozen. Behind this exciting e-sports nirvana are names that the most devoted gamers would recognize: The country’s top gaming brand, TNC and top-tier gaming computer brand Acer Predator joined forces to open the premier gaming café, High Grounds Café that raises the bar for the ultimate gaming experience.

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Their event halls are perfect for your LAN party!

High Grounds is serious about its gaming: the whole café has a battlefield feel, quickly psyching fans to bring their best game face. Their PC units are no joke, as well. High Grounds is equipped with top-of-the-line Predator desktops, specifically 110 units of the Predator G1 and Predator G3, which means this multiplex can accommodate hundreds of multiplayer fanatics! Their event halls are perfect for the ultimate LAN party.

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And what’s a top-notch gaming complex without ultra-fast internet? According to Operations Manager Charles Santiago, High Grounds’ internet speed is around 500 mbps in the computer shop, and 200 mbps for the café area. When I tried to upload a minute-long video, it finished uploading before I can even count to five!

High Ground Café’s powerful features make this gaming arena the breeding ground of the next Philippine e-sports athletes poised to conquer Asia and the world. Tournaments will truly be changed!

Speaking of multiplex, High Grounds also has a café and a restaurant, for more casual internet users, as well as gamers taking breaks before they go into battle once more! This place really does have it all.

An unlikely plus side of this café is that it presents the opportunity for families to be closer. The Net.Com owner Eric Redulfin aims to connect the gap between families and the online players in the family.

“Noon, almost all kasi ng players napapagalitan. Sa ngayon kasi, hindi na. They support their children, lalo na no’ng nag-Thanksgiving kami rito. May mga parents na nandiyan iyong mga anak nila, [then] they are eating outside [café part]. Medyo nagbabago na iyong pananaw. Kaunting kembot pa.”

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Sven, Rogue Knight makes an appearance at the High Grounds launch

Parents would usually scold their children for spending so much time playing, but with High Grounds, it seems that it will all change. Parents can dine in the café and restaurant, while their children are in the gaming areas. Technology really changes the scene: what was once a distraction is now a legitimate e-sport giving opportunities to aspiring gamers in the country.


A parade of DOTA heroes and other gaming characters were present

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Marc Abaya of Kjwan performing at the launch of High Grounds Café


High Grounds Café offers a cozy ambiance with the fastest internet connection. If you want to just chill out and surf the net, study for your exams, and eat good food anytime, then this place is the place for you because it is open 24 hours. The internet cafe is on membership basis, charging at P100/hr.

You can take a sneak peek of High Grounds below:

Check out High Grounds at 6700 Sct. Rallos St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

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High Grounds

High Grounds Café


6700 Scout Rallos St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City