HiFiman RE-400 in-ear earphone: No faults here

When In Manila, HiFiman has brought some new products to their earphone line. Part of that is their new HiFiman RE-400, and I just have happened to got my hands on one. HiFiman is better known for their headphone lines which cater to the Orthodynamic technology. They are more know for full-sized cans, yet, their earphone line shouldn’t be forgotten. If you’re an avid audiophile, you’d remember how the HiFiman RE0 was a big hit, and how it made the name in the in-ear audiophile realm. Nonetheless, HiFiman truly does keep their craft up with their in-ear line upon my initial use of the HiFiman RE-400.


Packaging/Build: The packaging was very slim and sleek. A flat black box that resembles a minimalist slide and lock feel. It’s a classy minimalist style that went beyond my expectations. I was expecting a more simple and consumer like  packaging. But with the RE-400, the box was somewhat at par with the JAYS packaging. The RE-400‘s packaging might not be as durable, and might not be equipped with better materials, but with the classy minimalist design partnered with an easy to manipulate enclosure, it puts itself on a good design and easy to access leveled packaging.


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