HIC Cupcakes: Sinfully Delicious Treats

WHEN IN MANILA, cupcakes are making a buzz like no other pastry has ever had. Sure, there are the yummy donuts, cookies, etc. but let’s face it even they are no match to the magnitude of the demand for cupcakes.

Though cupcakes are a huge hit for kids and the not so kiddy anymore, I know a cupcakery that knows how to make their 18 and above customers a thousand times happier. By throwing in booze in their cupcakes of course!






HIC Cupcakes is an online cupcakery that sells the well-loved cupcakes and is known to raise the happiness level of their customers to the nth level by throwing in booze in the mix. You may have heard of HIC through my fellow When In Manila writer here. Since then, HIC has come out with more booze infused cupcakes that could turn any frown upside down. Here are some of my ultimate faves from HIC Cupcakes!






HIC Cupcakes’ Dirty Girl Scout is such a sinful treat yet you’d feel like you’ve been transported to the heavens and back in just one bite. Apart from the moist chocolate cake, hint of coffee, and spike of vodka, what I loved most about this little cake is the minty feel it gives off in every bite.






As I opened one of the boxes HIC Cupcakes sent over, my Chinese eyes immediately zeroed in The Elvis.  Whilst HIC cupcakes are known for spiked cakes in a cup, they also bake virgin cupcakes for the minors. This bacon topped cupcake is just amazingly good. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a huge sucker for peanut butter, banana, and of course bacon. Definitely one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted.






Back to the sinful side of the world, HIC Cupcakes’ The Boy Bait, a Bailey frosted peanut butter cupcake with the ever famous Nutella sprinkled with rice krispies, is amazing just like rest of the cupcakes from HIC cupcakes! Now I’m pretty convinced that peanut butter can absolutely do no wrong…unless you’re allergic to it.






Though the simplest looking cupcake in the bunch, do not underestimate the Car Bomb. Dubbed by HIC Cupcakes as a chocolate sensation, I couldn’t agree more.


You know how there’s always gonna be a star that’s somehow sparklier, twinklier, and just more special than the others? I’m telling you, The Chubby Hubby is THAT star. With a Milo flavor cake, Johnnie Walker ganache, and Bailey’s frosting, chocolate lovers rejoice as this is the chocolateiest cupcake out there.  And the potato chip dipped in Johnnie Walker ganache, just perfect.






Hands down HIC Cupcakes sells the most unique cupcakes in the country. So obviously they would have the most unique cupcake in the world under their belt too. The Red Hot Choco Pepper is literally a hot cake. Just one bite will give you shockwaves of heat, pleasure, and an intense foodgasm. A must-try for the daredevils out there.

So if you’re looking forward to try something unique or wanting to indulge into a kiddy food that is not so kiddy, check out HIC cupcakes for sinfully delicious treats WHEN IN MANILA.

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