HEYDAY: Engineering Opening Week 2016

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Renowned as the biggest college in the university, the University of the Philippines − Diliman College of Engineering is all set to welcome another year with its boldest and brightest students. For the past years, the annual College of Engineering Opening Week has focused on welcoming the freshmen − encouraging them to get to know their colleagues and to feel comfortable as they start their journey in the college. This time around, the Opening Week aims to welcome old and new students alike, as well as the faculty, administration staff, and everyone else who has found a home in the college.

The Opening Week will be held on September 5-9, 2016 at the University of the Philippines − Diliman College of Engineering. Starting with an opening exhibit and a college orientation, students, most especially the freshmen, are sure to get to know their chosen fields better. With the six professional departments and two institutes homed by the college, it is the college’s pride to offer the most comprehensive engineering curricula in the country.

The library tour aims to inform the students of the different services they can avail of in the Engineering Library. Offering a variety of services from a wide range of hardcopies to digital files to umbrellas for rent, the Engineering Library is sure to have all the resources any engineering student would need.

The Opening Week also intends to introduce its over 30 home-based organizations, fraternities and sororities. Pursuing excellence in academics, leadership, and service, these student groups aim to nurture excellent, innovative, and proactive engineers. Driven by honor and excellence, they aim to be engineers of the nation and for the nation.

In the spirit of service, the Opening Week will likewise bring government and non-government service booths closer to the engineering community. Offices such as DFA, NBI, SSS and a lot more will be present for consultation and inquiry not only for engineering students and personnel but also for other colleges in the University and nearby communities.

To cap off the celebration, the culminating night will be held on the last day of the Opening Week. With the performers, rides, and food stalls awaiting, everyone will get to enjoy and celebrate a gist of what it means to be in the College of Engineering. Through the Opening Week, the engineering community builds up on camaraderie and friendship as another year begins. It gives opportunities for everyone to be part of a circle, a family, a college that wants nothing but the best for the best – and this is only the beginning.

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