Hey, Noodle Lovers! You Have to Try This 1KG Tsukemen Challenge

Searching for something that will test the limits of your appetite and love for food? This newest food challenge must be part of your food trip bucket list.

Japanese restaurant Mitsuyado Sei-men recently announced that their 1 KG Tsukemen Challenge is open to the public!

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If you’re unfamiliar with tsukemen, it’s a Japanese noodle dish that’s not like your usual ramen or yakisoba. This dish is served with noodles separated from the broth. So, instead of being soaked in a soup like ramen or having no soup at all like yakisoba, the tsukemen is like the best of both worlds!

The perfectly cooked noodles are dipped into the concentrated savory broth for a burst of flavor in every bite.

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The tsukemen is Mitsuyado Sei-men’s specialty, so it only makes sense that they offer a colossal food challenge that highlights this dish.

The mechanics of the 1 KG Tsukemen Challenge is fairly easy. You just have to finish one kilo of tsukemen noodles with your choice of broth in 10 minutes. If you do, your meal is free!

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If you don’t, you just have to pay PHP 400 for the 1 KG tsukemen. This is such a steal, too, because their biggest tsukemen on the menu is at PHP 320 for 450g. Imagine, you can enjoy a whole kilo of tsukemen for just PHP 400!

Even if you think that you can’t finish the challenge in 10 minutes, it’s still worth a try because of the sulit price.

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But be sure that you don’t underestimate your abilities because you just might conquer this challenge! We’ve heard that, so far, someone has already finished the challenge in only 3 minutes—a feat that even the Mitsuyado Sei-men team didn’t think was possible!

I personally enjoyed trying out the 1 KG Tsukemen Challenge, mostly because it was my first time trying the dish and I loved it so much. Of course, having one whole kilo of noodles all to myself was a great added bonus.

If you think you can conquer the 1 KG Tsukemen Challenge (and maybe even beat the record!), visit Mitsuyado Sei-men at Jupiter St., Makati; Bluebay, Pasay City; and Glorietta 2, Makati. You have only until August 31, 2022 to try this challenge!

Watch our experience here:

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