Here’s Your First Look at The Newly Washed Lawton Underpass

From plans on helping Manila Zoo, bringing pride to manila, conducting feeding programs, installing solar panels in schools, and many other projects that weren’t mentioned⁠—Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso is certainly not keeping us in the dark for his plans to create a better Manila.

Photo Credit: Team Philippines

On Monday, July 23, in a Facebook post by Team Philippines, Isko Moreno lead the clearing of as-the-caption-states: the “Underpass going to Park ‘n Ride (Liwasang Bonifacio side) and Lawton Underpass (near City Hall)”

Here you can watch a video of what the Lawton Underpass looked like before and after the clean-up:

Aside from these wonderful improvements, there’s still a lot the mayor has done including calling out a university regarding the proper suspension of classes and deporting a Chinese man who assaulted a Barangay Official.

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