Here’s Why Zac Efron Didn’t Sing in the ‘High School Musical’ Cast Reunion

The High School Musical cast famously reunited for ABC’s Disney Family Singalong last weekend. It was amazing and nostalgic, but fans couldn’t help but notice one glaring absence. After all, can you really have a Wildcats reunion without Zac Efron?!

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There was a lot of speculation on his exclusion – did he opt out of the reunion or was he asked not to take part? – but we finally have the answer. It turns out much less complicated than what everyone imagined.

Monique Coleman, HSM‘s Taylor Mckessie, explained to TMZ that while Zac did want to be part of the reunion but it simply wasn’t feasible. He got on-board the project at the last minute and was only able to send in a fuzzy video introducing the number.

This is likely because Zac is currently holed up in a remote part of the world. From what Monique knows, she last heard he was in Papua New Guinea filming his show Killing Zac Efron. So he probably wasn’t able to send in a better video of him due to poor internet connectivity.

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Well, there’s always hoping for the next reunion. After all, once a wildcat always a wildcat!

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