Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Wanderland’s Comeback

Growing up with Wanderland and how it remains to be our must-attend music festival.

Wanderland has been around since 2013 and ever since it has been one of the most sought-after music festivals in the country. I remember attending the very first one and loved every minute and every detail that the event had to offer. Now it’s back, and it’s better than ever.

Top-Notch Acts

Wanderland has released its full line-up of artists that will be performing and the variety of genres is definitely one of the reasons why we always want to attend. From pop, r&b, and even jazz, Wanderland has something for you.


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Acts for Wanderland 2023 include Phoenix, Carly Rae Jepsen, FKJ, Dashboard Confessional, Rico Blanco, Sunset Rollercoaster, No Rome, Raveena, Men I Trust, Stephen Day, HYBS, Balming Tiger, Ylona Garcia, George, Blaster, August Wahh, Leo Wang, Flu, The Ridleys, and The Sundown.

Surprise Acts

The lineup got even better with the addition of K-pop’s iconic rapper Kim Ji-Won, also known as Bobby. He is a part of the K-pop group IKON that was founded in 2015. He made a solo debut last year and was ranked second in the Billboard World Albums chart. Bobby explained that solo artist Bobby is different from iKON-Bobby: “In the group, I feel cozy and comfortable. The members also help fill up the music. But as a solo artist, I have to fill up three minutes on my own. I end up thinking deeper into how I should fill that time up.”


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It’s a different kind of vulnerability when an artist pours their own thoughts and feelings into a song. When you put that together with hard-hitting beats and energy, you’re in for a thrilling performance that’s hard to miss.

Also in the line-up is ((( O ))), an artist through and through. She has fully embraced her connection with nature and commitment to sustainable living through her music, calling each full-length album release a sundrop. “I’m powered by the sun and don’t depend on anyone. Creating art without needing anyone’s approval is the purest form of discovering yourself.”

Her spiritual energy, strong-willed values, and love story with nature translate into her music repertoire—and it is quite literally a breath of fresh air. If listening to her tracks doesn’t leave your soul nourished, close your eyes and listen again. Better yet, catch a live performance of it.

Live Art

Wanderland will not be complete without Filipino artists taking the grounds and making memories with each wanderer. Live art care of Alaga, Amiel Rivera, Faith De Leos, and Wika Nadera will be at the grounds for everyone to see, enjoy and take photos with. A true testament that Wanderland is not just a music festival but a celebration of all kinds of art.


Two-day Fun

One day will not be enough for all the amazing acts, activities, and spending time with your friends. Wanderland is happening on March 4 and 5 to make sure that the long wait is worth it for the festival’s comeback.


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