Here’s Why We Love Merry Macarons & Why You Should Too

Here in When In Manila, we love, prioritize and support anything and everything local!

Thus, when we came across this Instagram page called Merry Macarons that offers absolutely adorable macarons in the Philippines, we instantly checked out their products.

Guess what? We super loved them!

Thus, to help you make up your mind, here are five 5 reasons why we’re into Merry Macarons!

5. Their macarons are affordable!

And when we say affordable, we mean it.

No need to break the bank because you can now enjoy delicious macarons for only 45 pesos each. What a steal, right?


4. They use and promote local products!

While regular French macarons make use of almond flour, Merry Macarons are made from a mix of ground almonds and cashew nuts. They use cashew because it’s fantastically delicious and fabulously local. Look at that, local supporting local!

output_dGFaAW3. The designs are oh-so-cute!

If you think macarons can’t get any better, well, take a look at all these adorable designs we’re sure you’ll love. Aside from being totally cute, they have a wide selection of templates and colors to choose from. Cats, dogs, pigs, sheeps; you name it because they have it!

Oh, did we mention that they also have macarons in Pikachu and unicorn? Yup, they got you and your favorites.


2. They can customize your macarons!

But hey, the fun doesn’t stop there! You can even customize your own macarons! You may decide on the color, add text or stencil, or even get your macarons sculpted or shaped. How awesome is that?


 1.  The macarons are 10/10!

Last but not the least, these freshly hand-made macarons are toothsome! Guess it’s true what they say, if you love what you do, it will show. Rest assured that these macarons taste as merry as their name!


Interested? We know you are.

You may order these macarons via email at  using their order form.  Eat and be merry with Merry Macarons!

Merry Macarons