Here’s Why Selena Gomez Got Back Together With Justin Bieber

You know how when you have that one friend who just has that ongoing drama with that one guy that never stops?

One minute they’re together, the next they’re not, and then they’re back together, and then she swears that this would be the last, and then they go on to date other people…

and then they’re back together. You get the picture.

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It’s quite exasperating, isn’t it? That’s pretty much the picture Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber painted after it was revealed that the two are back together, shortly after Selena and The Weeknd’s relationship ended. And we get it, there are those that are #TeamJelena, but then there are those that just kind of feel like Dua Lipa right now.

But after learning why Selena ultimately decided to give Justin another go, I guess we can understand where she’s coming from. People confirmed that yes, Justin and Selena are now officially back together, and it pretty much has to do with the fact that they were each other’s first loves.

According to a rep for Selena:

“Justin was Selena‚Äôs first love. He will always have a special place in her heart. She’s always held out hope that one day the circumstances and timing would be right.”

The source also added that Selena always saw the best in Justin — which is sweet because we do always see the best in the people we love.

From Justin’s side, it seems that the “Sorry” singer has had some growing up to do and is ready to be a mature boyfriend for Selena:

“Spending time together makes them both very happy. For Justin, no one ever came close to comparing to Selena.

He always thought she was the most special and now seems mature enough to realize Selena deserves the best.”

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