Here’s where you can get your milk tea fix in ice cream form

Ice cream and milk tea lovers unite!

Ever find yourself stuck between getting ice cream or milk tea for dessert? Now you can have both!

American multinational brand Dairy Queen brings the best of both worlds together to create their newest Blizzard flavor for the month: the Brown Sugar Milk Tea Series. An exclusive item from the Dairy Queen franchise served upside down, the Blizzard is made with Dairy Queen’s signature thick vanilla soft serve— one that is rich and creamy. No wonder it could withstand the 180-degree flip without falling over!

Blizzard fans can choose between two variants: the Popping Coffee Boba Blizzard or the Brown Sugar Oreo Blizzard. The former is made with a mix of brown sugar syrup and the signature thick soft serve, topped with popping coffee pearls that give you a burst of coffee in your mouth— a great choice for adventurous foodies or coffee aficionados— while the latter is a classic choice featuring brown sugar and crushed Oreo cookies. It’s an upgrade from their classic Oreo Blizzard, and an extra sweet one at that.

Photo from Kaycee Gomez of @datefortwo

And that’s not all. Dairy Queen even has the Ultimate Milk Tea Parfait for those who want a more notable milk tea flavor. Made up of layers of vanilla soft serve, brown sugar syrup and popping boba pearls topped with whipped cream and milk tea powder to seal the deal, this parfait is an indulgent and hearty treat that brings milk tea and ice cream lovers closer together.

Better hurry though— the Dairy Queen Brown Sugar Milk Tea series is available for a limited time only, so head on over to the nearest branch, stat!

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