Here’s where you can get those Choc-Nut Spreads online!

As soon as news of the newest Choc-Nut product reached our ears a few weeks ago, the inner kids in us started squealing with excitement. Choc-Nut, which has become a household name in the Philippines, has branched out from producing bricks of peanut-chocolate candy and has started creating spreads!

Now, you don’t have to be confined with chewing on these candies–use it on bread, drinks, desserts, pastries, and a lot more.

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The big question now is where to get them.

Harvey & Co. is a newly-established online shop that offers comfort food, sweets, and desserts. The first thing on their menu? Jars of Choc-Nut Spread!

According to the people behind Harvey & Co., it was the owner of Choc-Nut herself who suggested that they resell the spreads. And with it being such huge news to Pinoys, they quickly agreed to add it to their menu. The Choc-Nut Spreads that they sell are definitely legit.

Right now, these spreads are available at their small cafe at Xavier School in Greenhills. But if you don’t want to go all the way down there, it’s also available for delivery! These babies could be a great Christmas gift or party giveaway!

You can order by piece or by bulk through their Facebook page here:

How would you use the Choc-Nut spread? Share it with us!