Here’s Where You Can Buy “Friends” Merchandise Online

We know you cannot get enough of “Friends” so we are giving you a list of the timeless TV show’s merchandise that you can buy online! No shame though, because I think most people will agree when I say that the sitcom which aired from 1994 to 2004 is still funny, relatable, and comforting. It has now become this huge thing that “Friends: The Reunion” is happening 17 years after the show concluded. Thanks to Shopee, we can now fill our homes with little things that are “Friends”-inspired in preparation for the much-awaited reunion!

8. Peephole Door frame

Screen Shot 2021 05 25 at 2.21.09 AM To buy this peephole door frame inspired by Monica’s apartment now, click here!

7. Tapestry (Wall Decor)

Screen Shot 2021 05 25 at 2.20.31 AMTo buy “Friends”-inspired tapestries to decorate your walls now, click here!

6. Throw Pillowcase

Screen Shot 2021 05 25 at 2.20.57 AMTo buy this throw pillowcase for “Friends” fans now, click here!

5. 600mL Mugs

Screen Shot 2021 05 25 at 2.21.38 AMTo buy these big mugs inspired by the Central Perk now, click here!

4. Non-slip Doormat

Screen Shot 2021 05 25 at 2.22.03 AMTo buy this black “Friends” doormat now, click here!

3. Gaming Mousepad/Desk Mat

Screen Shot 2021 05 25 at 2.22.38 AMTo buy this “Friends” gaming mousepad/desk mat now, click here!

2. Flannel Blanket

Screen Shot 2021 05 25 at 2.23.47 AMTo buy this flannel blanket with iconic “Friends” props print now, click here!

1. Hugsy

Screen Shot 2021 05 25 at 2.24.20 AMTo buy this penguin plush toy just like Joey’s now, click here!

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