Here’s Where to Cop Jenna Ortega’s Sporty Looks!

Jenna Ortega has been making waves in the entertainment industry but she’s also one great style icon that many have been following.

Now, Jenna Ortega was just launched as the newest face of the new adidas Sportswear and its Spring Summer 23 collection. The Actress, advocate, producer, style icon, plus so much more, Jenna is a true reflection and champion of individualism and versatility – aligning perfectly with what adidas Sportswear has been designed to embody and aptly symbolizing how the next generation is showing up in the world.

“The way I express myself, whether this is vocally or aesthetically, is something I personally put a lot of energy into as I know how much power it can have in inspiring others. Embracing all that I am and all that I stand for continues to be a journey and through new experiences, I am learning and discovering more sides to myself. I am a huge advocate of expressing all your different pursuits, passions, and traits, whether that is through what you do, what you wear or what you champion – which is why I was so excited to work with adidas on this new label”, shared Jenna.

Keeping true to the adidas DNA, the new collection has performance technologies in different designs that you can wear from sports to everyday wear.

The collection has the tiro suit which is based on adidas’ iconic tracksuit.

adidas Launch New Label Sportswear Jenna Ortega

The collection also has the AVRYN which is partly made of recycled materials. It offers boost and bounce for everyday comfortable wear.

adidas Launch New Label Sportswear Jenna Ortega 3

“Expertly blending sport silhouettes with fresh detailing, adidas Sportswear brings together adidas’ latest performance technologies and comfort-first looks to elevate the wearers’ everyday style. We are so excited that Jenna has joined the adidas family and will be fronting the label, as the new line is a true celebration of self-expression and individualism – aligning perfectly with all that she stands for. Offering a range of pieces that can be used as a blank canvas for each wearer to pair and style as they see fit, we paid close attention to incorporating specific cutlines, colourways and stripped back design details, so that the collection works no matter what the wearer’s day looks like”  said Speaking about the new label, Senior Designer, adidas Sportswear Jasmin Bynoe at adidas.

adidas Launch New Label Sportswear Jenna Ortega 2

Alongside Jenna Ortega, the campaign will also see a wider collective of adidas partners coming together to celebrate a comfort-first mindset and the power of self-expression, including Premier League current golden boot holder and music lover Son Heung-min, professional basketballer, off-court sketching enthusiast and self-care advocate Trae Young, Women’s Super League forward and nature lover Mary Fowler and renowned gamer and thrill-seeker Carolina Voltan.

adidas Sportswear

Reflecting on the new campaign, Son Heung-min shared: “Whilst my day-to-day focus is shaped around my performance on the football pitch, whether that is for my club or country, I also love to spend time enjoying my other hobbies. Whether that’s gaming, fashion or music, each of these allow me to keep a fresh mindset, helping me maintain my competitive edge. These different areas of my life also mean I need wardrobe staples with versatility, which is why I am such a big fan of adidas’ new label, Sportswear – it really is the perfect blend of sport, style and comfort!”

adidas Sportswear’ will launch worldwide from February 9 on the adidas website, in stores and via the adidas app.