Here’s What We Know (And Speculate) So Far About ‘Riverdale’ Season 2

WARNING: May contain spoilers!

With the second season of Riverdale already in production, there’s bound to be a lot of teasers from our favorite actors and from the production crew. Now that we’ve practiced our sleuthing skills along with Betty and Jughead in the first season, it’s time to speculate on every clue we have on season 2.

First off, Riverdale‘s showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa tweeted the titles for the first three episodes. They all sound… quite dark and make us a tad bit scared for the lives of our favorite Riverdale characters.

“A Kiss Before Dying” was actually a film in the 90’s and it was basically about a murder.

So will someone die in the first episode?! Possibly. But we really hope not.

Pop Tate’s doesn’t seem so safe in that photo. Honestly, is nothing sacred anymore?!

Writers and producers, please don’t touch Kevin. Protect this precious child at all costs!

While these episode titles and pictures are enough to get our hearts pumping for season 2, Roberto continues to give us all sorts of teasers on what we might expect.

Take this photo of Betty and Jughead (or Lili and Cole?) for example:

It shows Betty and Jughead (or Lili and Cole?) working on a car engine.

In the comics, Betty is known to be pretty handy with cars, so I guess this picture is a confirmation that this Betty trait will be making an appearance in Riverdale.

And it seems that it’s not just that who’s making an appearance in season 2.


The infamous Hiram Lodge is confirmed to be in the upcoming season, as proven by this series of selfies by Mark Consuelos who will be playing Veronica’s father.

This is sure to cause a lot of drama in Ronnie and Archie’s relationship–and I honestly can’t wait for more drama.

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Some are also speculating that Fred Andrews may not make it to season 2 after that ~shocking~ finale in the first season. But this is only because in this photo from Madchen Amick, who plays Betty’s mother, Luke Perry, who plays Fred Andrews, is seemingly absent.

But it’s also possible that he just went out for a quick toilet break when they took the photo. *fingers crossed*

Why do they torture us like this?!

Good thing we only have less than three months to wait for the premiere of season 2! Mark your calendars for the return of Riverdale on October 11!

Have you seen any other teasers for Riverdale? Share it with us!

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