Here’s What Matteo Guidicelli Learned After Getting Married

Sarah Geronimo Matteo

After the controversy of Sarah Geronimo getting married to Matteo Guidicelli died down, it looks like the newlyweds are having a great time. The couple was seen shopping for kitchenware with Scarlet Snow Belo and they shared snippets of their Easter Sunday celebrating with Matteo’s family.

Matteo shared the joys of marriage on a Facebook Live, where he said, “‘It’s amazing. I recommend it to all my friends. I was talking to my other batchmates, kumbaga ‘how’s married life?’ Sabi ko, ‘Bro, I think you should get married too, man.’ I don’t know, maybe I’m just in my honeymoon stage or I’m in the beginning of my marriage, but you know it’s amazing to wake up, to sleep beside the person you love the most.”

He added, “It’s a blessing and I found my partner, kumbaga. There’s so many things we could do together, and so many things we could achieve together.”

In the same video, Matteo shared the things he learned after tying the knot. He said, “It also makes you learn about yourself so much more. You learn also about humility so much. You’re not always right kumbaga because the wife is always correct even though they’re not.”

He also said, “you really learn how to balance, and how to just give in, and just how to agree, to be more patient and all these things. It’s a nice phase.”

Matteo and Sarah were married on February 20, 2020. What would have been a special moment was marred when Sarah’s mother allegedly gatecrashed the reception after not being invited. According to unconfirmed reports, Matteo punched a bodyguard. In an Instagram post, Matteo said, “First and foremost, We would like to express the overwhelming joy, love and excitement we have in beginning our life together. We decided to keep everything as intimate as possible because of private matters.”

He continued, “That evening was almost perfect until some unexpected events took place, but don’t worry I never “punched” anyone.”

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